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South Coast Liquid Treatment

South Coast Liquid Treatment Pty Ltd, a family-owned company, based in the city of Shoalhaven, is proud to be at the leading edge of liquid waste treatment in the region. Incorporated since 1991, the company is not just in the business of treating grease trap waste and oily water, but has placed itself in a position within the field of environmental protection, through the recycling of waste into useful products.

To this end, South Coast Liquid Treatment has established it’s own in-house treatment plant at Flinder’s Industrial Estate at South Nowra. The plant has the approval of both Shoalhaven City Council and NSW Environmental Protection Agency. With grease trap waste emanating from a wide range of sources, the services offered by South Coast Liquid Treatment not only protects vital sewer networks, but it meets the necessary pre-treatment standards required from all sewer receiving authorities, either local government, or water authorities.

The plant, one of the first to be constructed outside Sydney, will serve as a regional treatment facility for Wollongong, Southern Highlands, and Eurobodalla areas. Its proven technology meets extremely exacting standards, and is similar to processes used at other plants. South Coast Liquid Treatment is uniquely placed to handle and solve the problems associated with Local Councils, food industries, hospitals, nursing homes, motor vehicle industries, and manufacturing industries. The plant has been constructed with rapidly expanding changes and alterations to environmental legislation in mind, and the company is confident it will meet all necessary criteria in the immediate future.

The company holds approval from Sydney Water, and currently has other contractual arrangements for disposal of grease trap waste and oily water within the region, and in addition to “traditional” waste, the company’s research has led it to become a problem solver for industry in the area of disposal and transport of liquid wastes.

With our computer base, a scheduled service to suit your requirements can be established from weekly through to monthly or bi-monthly to suit your needs.

You can be rest assured that when you use the services offered by South Coast Liquid Treatment that all statues and regulations are complied with as a matter of policy.

For further information of your special needs for removal and transport, treatment and disposal, please do not hesitate to contact South Coast Liquid Treatment for inspection, consultation, advice, or a quotation.

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